Developing Men of Excellence

To enhance the growth of Xi Kappa men through scholarship and grant funding for continuous education, leadership development, and community involvement for which they serve.


Xi Kappa Achieve

The Xi Kappa Achieve scholarship recognizes men of Xi Kappa who have upheld academic excellence in their collegiate career while continuing to be an active member of their chapter.

Only Brothers who have maintained a good standing for the entire year and are enrolled for the fall term at their respective university are eligible for the Xi Kappa Achieve Scholarship.

To qualify, Brothers of Xi Kappa must submit an application. The scholarship will be announced at the National Banquet.

Xi Kappa Integrity

The Xi Kappa Integrity scholarship gives the opportunity for Brothers to take part in conferences and leadership development. The goal is to provide funding for a Brother's attendance in the Association for Fraternal Leadership and Values (AFLV) Central Fraternity Leadership Conference/National Black Greek Leadership Conference that occurs every February.

Brothers can develop their leadership skills as they take part in hearing out speakers, participating in workshops, and connecting with the greek community to expand their network.

To qualify, Brothers of Xi Kappa must submit an application by December.

Who We Are

Kai Tan

Executive Director

Kai Tan (Atlanta, GA) founded the Xi Kappa Foundation on August 20 and serves as its executive director. His vision is to provide opportunities for the men of Xi Kappa to pursue continuous education, develop leadership skills, and pave the way for their community. Through the Foundation, he believes Brothers will grow into their fullest potential by bettering that individual's self, chapter, and community. All this can be made possible with the help of scholarships and grants from the Xi Kappa Foundation.


Adam Chan

Fundraising Director

Adam Chan (Memphis, TN) is the fundraising director for the Xi Kappa Foundation. He promotes the support in APIA interests in both collegiate and surrounding communities. He belives the Xi Kappa Foundation will give Brothers the opportunity to learn more about their identity, develop strong leadership skills, and become advocating voices in their campuses. By fundraising for the Xi Kappa Foundation, Adam plans to help make education opportunities more cost effective for its receipients.



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